From birth, we're taught that we're supposed to fit in. At every turn, fit in:

  • Stay seated at your desk and get good grades, they say. 
  • Stay seated at your desk and get a promotion, they say. 
  • Wear pants at the grocery store, they say. 


The most interesting and revolutionary people in the history of the world weren't fit-inners. They chose their own path (or probably, their own path chose them). Either way, they were brave enough to follow it. Against resistance, of course, because society isn't built around being revolutionary. Nor interesting. Society is built around staying seated at your desk.

Don't stay seated at your desk.

Ultimately, the great ones don't fit in with the world. They make the world fit in with them. Einstein and Steve Jobs are usually the go-to examples for this kind of argument. But I prefer the heroic ass-shaker in the video below. I bet I've watched it 100 times, quivering camera work and all. 

This is how revolutions happen. Let yer freak flag fly. Be unstoppable...