So it's like this.

The reason you're feeling jangled right now is because it seems like everything is happening to you at once.

And the reason it seems like everything is happening to you at once is because everything is happening to you at once. 

Maybe you can find some comfort in this: Although everything is happening to you at once, you can't possibly happen to everything at once in response.

You can't save the Amalgamated Tubing account (midwest division) while getting your dad situated in his new place while replacing your lost drivers license while wittily updating your status while building rock hard abs with one weird trick while figuring out why in goddamn hell the nav lights on the boat keep cutting out every time you try bumping a little Marley.

You can't do that all at once. Nobody can. So start by being okay with that. And then use time for what it's for: To keep everything from happening at once. Time is linear remember? As in lines. As in not piles. So line everything up. Make a list. Mark the absolute most important thing on the list. And then mark the quickest easiest-to-do stuff too. Focus on the big item, but knock off the little shit here and there so it feels like you're getting somewhere. Repeat.

And if that doesn't de-jangle you, or even if it does, try this. It's the video by Icelandic band Sigur Ros for their song Svefn-g-englar. It's 9 minutes long. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Just watch it. Just breathe. And just remember there's more to life than lists.