If you're running low on inspiration, you might want to give writer Steve Roggenbuck a try. Not familiar? Well, strap in. He's definitely what I'd call inspired. And/or crazy AF. I mean this in the best possible way because what he does has picked me up more than a few times.

To start, I'd suggest the following video "Make Something Beautiful Before You Are Dead." With headphones because it's NSFW. It's also not safe for homes with children (NSFHWC). And not safe for most places where there is anyone else around besides you with your headphones on (NSFMPWTIAEABYWYHO). Give it at least 90 seconds to see where it's headed. And at that point, you might was well give it 90 more seconds to see where it ends up. Because it ends up in a wonderful place.

Here's an article on Steve called Something On How Steve Roggenbuck's Poetry Will Save The Internet.

Here's his site: livemylief.com

Here is where you can download a book of his poetry: Life My Lief

Here's a quote from the video below: "You know who you can't hug when you're dead? Everyone."

And here's the the video below: